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J Clamp Incontinence Reviews

  J Clamp Testimonials

"I recently purchased the "J" clamp, but had not given it a road test until yesterday. Well...was I pleased. It works better than expected and there was no leakage. I would suggest to new users that there is a very minor learning curve which involves getting everything properly positioned, but then it is smoothe sailing. Great product that is practical and effective. Many, many thanks. "

George - Campton, New Hampshire

"I was able to comfortably survive a 4 hour meeting without the worry of filling my Depends. This device is by far the most comfortable I have used and because it is so simple to clean, I have always felt clean. I am able to play golf without any issues whatsoever and I no longer have to get up in the middle of the night to change diapers. If you suffer from incontinence, the J Clamp is the answer you are looking for."

Wally Kemp - Nashville, Tennessee

"Hello there-
I just wanted to write some feedback about the new J clamp that I have begun using. I am a 21 year old college student who was involved in a skiing accident at the age of 14, when I suffered multiple pelvic fractures and subsequently bladder and bladder nerve injuries. I have regained some continence through the years, but still have some daytime and nighttime leaking at certain bladder volumes. I have tried virtually every external catheter, collection device, and clamp on the market and because of fitting issues, comfort, efficacy, I have never been able to find a comfortable but secure device. After stumbling onto the Jackson Medical Products website after an internet search, I was happy, albeit a bit cynical, about trying yet a new product.

After reviewing the website, YouTube videos, and after an explanation about the device to me by Dr. Jackson, I received my J clamp in the mail (which was altered to fit me properly). After over two weeks of use, I have to say that I am so delighted that the clamp is not only EXTREMELY comfortable, easy to use, but most importantly, 100% RELIABLE in that I have had NO leakage whatsoever. It took me a few days to assess which setting fit me best, but now that I am pretty attuned to the two best settings for me, I get the clamp on (and off), and set in just seconds. If you have tried external clamps and are skeptical about them either from prior experience like me or because of fear of discomfort, leakage, etc., you should definitely give this J clamp a try."

Michael Costas - Chicago, Illinois

"Once I had my surgery and incontinence started affecting my life, I thought my days of competitive swimming were over. Virtually every clamp I looked at was unable to last any time when used in the pool, but with the J Clamp this is not an issue. Thank you for creating a device that allows me to continue my life the same way it was before surgery."

Lance Peterson - Abingdon, Virginia

"The J Clamp is the most comfortable solution for incontinence I have found and I have tried virtually every product on the market."

Bill Simmons - Bakersfield, California

"The J Clamp has really changed my life. In my line of work I am traveling all of the time and I no longer have any worries about embarrassing accidents. The device is also very comfortable because it is so small in size and virtually weightless."

George Sanderson - Sydney, Australia

"Dear Terry,
I would like for men who are incontinent to know that there is life after the other clamps. I have been wearing the J Clamp for a couple of months, usually about 18 hours per day. I highly recommend that anyone using other clamps try the J Clamp."

Ray Spears - Dallas, Georgia

"I highly recommend the J Clamp. I can’t guarantee your experience will be as trouble free as mine, but I found it to be a durable, comfortable performer. I had reviewed Jackson Medical’s Male Urine Guard earlier and this is a rare case where lightning does strike twice. The company’s innovative approaches to male incontinence are worth investigating, especially for any man that has given up on incontinence clamps due to poor performance or discomfort."

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"I have been using the redesigned J clamp and believe it to be a winner! So much so that I will not ever use the other (3) types of clamps I have purchased in the last (9) months.Thank you so much for listening to your customers and believing in them to the extent that you went forward and made a much better pruduct. I hope that you sell a million of them. It's that good."

Dick Roche

Urinary Leakage Solutions

J Clamp Incontinence Reviews

  Male Urine Guard Testimonials

"As an EXTREMELY satisfied customer of the J clamp, which I have used now for about 2 months, I still have been in search of something more secure than a pad to wear at night because I leak much less and frequently change size and position during sleep. Over the past 3-4 years, I have tried virtually every "form-fitting" pouch on the market, but do not use any of them because of discomfort and/or lack of secure fitting, resulting in breakthrough leakage and being wet throughout the night. I have recently started using the Male Urine Guards and am pretty amazed with the design and results so far. Not only are they extremely comfortable (like some of the other ones that I have tried in the past), but more importantly excel over the competition, because they stay on during the night and my underwear stays dry in any sleeping position. The elastic band is just brilliant- it gives me a snug, custom fit without compromising any comfort. I will continue to use this product every night!

Thanks again so much for your products!"

Michael Costas - Chicago, Illinois

" highly recommends this product. The test results gave me confidence about this Guard as a great daily performer. A man’s incontinence issues are very personal and while this may not be right for everyone I believe the performance make it a solid choice and I think it can greatly benefit any man suffering from leaks."

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"What a great product! The Male Urine Guard is small, comfortable and it keeps me dry. I am amazed no one had thought of this custom fit 'penis diaper' sooner. Hats off to you guys, fantastic product!"

Phillip Dryer - San Antonio, TX


"Your Male Urine Guard "aka PP Tee Pees" are quite absorbent. I had one on the other night, got up and went to the bathroom (sitting), forgot it was on, and thought "that's odd, no tinkle in the water." Remember I'm half awake.... so I reached down and and yup PP tee pee still on and quite full, but didn't leak."

Doug - Coastal Maine

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Male Urine Guard Testimonials

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Male Incontinence Solutions

If you are suffering from male incontinence due to prostate cancer, disease, head or spinal cord injury then the J Clamp may be the perfect solution for you. If you want to continue your active lifestyle of swimming, running, golfing, biking or any other sport, then give the J Clamp a try to control urinary leaking and loss of bladder control.

If you suffer from light to moderate incontinence and have grown tired of the cost and lack of sanitation from diapers and pads, then the Male Urine Guard is a sanitary, affordable alternative.
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